1. Guo Da Li Betrothal Package

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1. Guo Da Li Betrothal Package

  • $198.00

Our Guo Da Li Betrothal Packages (过大礼配套) generally consist of: 

  • 2 pairs of Dragon & Phoenix candles
  • 2 sets of wedding biscuits
  • 2 boxes of pork leg cans* / 2 sets of walnuts
  • 2 sets of auspicious wedding grains, consisting of red dates, longan, wintermelon strips, lotus seeds, lily bulbs and rock sugar.
  • Dragon & Phoenix tray 
  • Everlasting red cloth 
  • Teochew wax (Only for the Teochews)
  • Groom's Angbao set, consisting of Dowry Money (Pin Jin), Nappy, and Open Car Door red packets.
  • Destiny discs
  • Betrothal tiered wedding basket(s) (Free Loan for 3 days; Deposit for loan of basket(s) required)*
  • Double Happiness stickers for oranges 
  • Organza bags for alcohol 
  • A Procedure List, guiding the Groom and family on the usage and meanings of per item, and procedures to follow during the Betrothal Day and the actual Wedding Day. 

Our packages are customised according to dialect groups, available in Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka and Hainanese. Therefore, some items may differ according to different dialect group. The packages are also customisable to fit the needs of each family.

*A deposit for loan of basket(s) is required. We will contact you directly upon receiving your order confirmation on the deposit payment. The full amount will be returned to you in cash once the basket(s) is/are returned to us in original condition. 

**For purchase of our Guo Da Li and Dowry packages, Free Delivery is applicable and the packages will be delivered to the Groom and Bride's place respectively. 

Please state in the Remark board below of the dialect groups in the following format for us to better advise you:

Groom - 

Bride - 

Please note that 1 week lead time is required. Upon purchase, kindly provide us 3 days before contacting you for the final package arrangement. Do note that there may be a top-up of maximum $30, depending on the dialect groups provided. If you are unsure of which dialect group package to purchase, you may select "Unsure" and checkout. Our customary team will contact you after purchase to further advise on which is the correct dialect package for you.

For our couples who purchase our Guo Da Li and/or Dowry packages, you'll be entitled to a Virtual Personalised Consultation with us on your Chinese wedding preparations. Ask away any questions you have from your Guo Da Li to the Bed-setting, and your Tea Ceremony. We'll be happy to answer all your burning questions in the comfort of your home!

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