Hair Combing

Hair combing, Shang Tou 上头, is one of the many Chinese wedding traditions that is still commonly practised today, which symbolises a smooth transition of the Groom and Bride into adulthood. It is a blessing from their parents, wishing them a promising future. 

Traditionally, the night before their wedding, the couple will bathe with water infused with pomegranate leaves, and then put on new pyjamas that are long sleeves with pockets (长长久久, 世代相传) and slippers (同偕到老). The couple will then proceed with the hair-combing with their parents doing it for them. 

During the process, both the Groom and Bride will hold on to an auspicious ruler and a round mirror. The ruler symbolises to handle matters in life with prudence (做事要有分寸), and the mirror acts as a reflection to remind the couple to be a good partner to one another and a good child to their parents-in-law. 

A pair of scissors and red thread will be included as well. The pair of scissors is to bring about benefits for the couple (有利益) as they work hard to provide for their new family, and the red thread blesses the couple and both family good affinity (牵红线, 好姻缘).

The parents would then comb their hair in 3 strokes, with each stroke representing a different blessing to be iterated. Parents will recite the following 3 verses while combing their children’s hair:

Yi shu shu dao wei (一梳梳到尾) - First combing, may your marriage last a lifetime

Er shu bai fa qi mei (二梳白发齐眉) - Second combing, may you be blessed with longevity

San shu er sun man tang (三梳儿孙满堂) - Third combing, may you be blessed with many children and grandchildren

A Matchmaker Combing Hair for the Bride

A couple with good fortune is usually the top choice to help the couple with their Hair-Combing ceremony. Matchmaker is also another option. Today, we suggest having the couple's parents to do it for them as their parents are having good fortune as they receive a new son-in-law/daughter-in-law.

Our Hair-Combing set

Our Hair-Combing set covers the basic requirements of Hair-Combing ceremony, including a comb, a ruler, a hand-held mirror, a pair of gold scissors sealed, and a red string tied into a knot. It also comes with an auspicious recital which parents could recite together while combing the their child's hair.
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