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Betrothal Package 过大礼配套

Given by the Groom to the Bride's family, it shows the sincerity of the Groom in marrying the Bride. You can be rest assured that this package has the basic requirements of Guo Da Li items - wedding grains, candles, tiered wedding basket, and more.
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Dowry Package 嫁妆配套

Traditionally prepared by the Bride's parents for their daughter, it represents the best blessings the Bride's parents have for the Bride and the couple. Consisting of items such as teaset and bowlset, each of them has its individual meaning, symbolising filial piety towards their parents and blessing the couple prosperity.
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Bed-Setting Set 安床配套

Known as 'An Chuang 安床', it is one of the Chinese wedding customary practices that is still relevant today. Usually done 1 to 7 days before the Wedding Day, it wishes the couple an everlasting love, good health and a happy family blessed with healthy children.
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Hair-Combing Set 上头配套

Typically done by the couple's parents, the Hair-Combing custom ‘Shang Tou 上头' symbolises a smooth transition of the Groom and the Bride into adulthood and a promising future.
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Wedding Day Essentials Package

A simple Wedding Day set that pleasantly fulfils the essentials needed for your Wedding Day - from the items neccessary for Bed-Setting to the classic Tea Ceremony moment.
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