Bed Setting

Bed-setting, An Chuang 安床, is an essential tradition in Chinese weddings. An auspicious day, usually at 11pm on the eve of the wedding day, which symbolises the start of the wedding, will be chosen to proceed with the custom. This is to welcome the Groom & Bride into their new bridal room as a newlywed, with the beginnings of a sweet and loving life together (幸福美满). 

In the olden days, an elderly couple who is living a good life (好名人), in a loving marriage with children of their own (膝下有子), will be invited to set the bed for the newlywed. Nowadays, most couples agree that the Groom’s parents are the best 好名人 since their son is getting married and starting a family soon. Therefore, the Groom’s parents will set the bed for them, wishing them everlasting love, good health and a happy family blessed with healthy children.

Before proceeding with the custom, the Groom's parents will help change the bedsheets of the bridal bed first. Traditionally, new bridal bedsheets in auspicious red colour are to be used. Nowadays, modern bedsheets with cheerful designs are preferred. 

Then, a bed-setting tray, usually consisting of red dates, peanuts, dried logan, lotus seeds, red beans, lily bulbs and more, is placed on the bed, making the bed 'overflowing' with blessings. Little packets of destiny discs 缘钱 are prepared to be placed at specific corners around the bridal room. The bed is then to be left untouched till the wedding day.

Auspicious Grains Scattered on the Matrimonial Bed

Auspicious grains are scattered on the matrimonial bed in the past. Modern times like today has changed the ways of setting the bed, allowing the tradition to be convenient and more easily accepted by young couples. 

Our Bed-Setting Set

Our Bed-Setting Set covers the basic requirements of setting the bed with all the auspicious grains carefully sealed individually. It also comes with a step-by-step instruction guide to teach the couple on setting the bed. 

Oranges and Thuja Leaves in a Basket

A pair of oranges and some thuja leaves (bian bo) are prepared for bed-setting, symbolising prosperity and fertility for the couples.

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