Dowry, Jia Zhuang 嫁妆, is usually bestowed by the Bride’s family to bless the couple, and it represents the best blessings that the parents have for their daughter.

Items usually consist of daily necessities which are vital to starting a new home, which includes a sewing kit and a baby prosperity set, which symbolise the good virtues of the bride (内外兼备) and that she is ready to take up the role of a married woman (贤妻良母).

A wedding teaset and a wedding bowlset are also given to the couple, which will be first used at the Groom’s house on the wedding day during the tea ceremony and to eat traditional rice balls 'Tang Yuan 汤圆' (圆圆满满), and later kept by the couple, representing filial piety (尽孝心) and abundance (丰衣足食).

Traditionally, wooden clogs '木屐' worn by the couple on the night before the wedding are a must, representing progress in life (步步高升). Nowadays, these are given in miniatures for display and for their good meanings. The couple wears bedroom slippers for prosperity instead.

Towels represent growing old together (白头到老), and a pair of lamps '子孙灯' (添子添孙) for continuing the line of descendants (延续香火) are also included. These items will be brought home by the Groom to show to his parents during Betrothal Day, then are displayed in the couple’s bridal room all the way till the wedding day, blessing the couple a comfortable and prosperous life.

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